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New Year and New Paradigm

So, last year, along with grieving for 7 friends and family members who passed away, I was still able to get my fertility program online, help form a new corporation, take care of my elderly mother (flying, safely back and forth to the Bay Area), and somehow managed to see a few clients, safely.

And now, it is well into 2021 and I have yet to say, “Happy New Year!”

I hope with the new administration in the U.S., you are having a Happier New Year.

So this year, already, a lot has transpired and transitions are occurring.

With that being said, I have some Big News:

On 1/11/21 – I woke up around 5am and heard all the traffic around me even though the freeway is 1 mile away from me. I sat up and decided that I am ready for the next phase of life.

As much as I love San Diego, I feel challenged living near/in a big city. My partner and I have been talking, for years, about living in Intentional Community and somewhat off grid. So, I finally decided that I am going to sell my house. My partner and I will sell our vehicles, store some stuff and sell/or give away the rest. I have already manifested a heart-centered real estate agent who I met many moons ago, and reconnected at a Full Moon Gathering a few years ago. Nonetheless, we are going to start showing the house on 2/25/21 and hopefully close by 4/25/21 (the month and day that I bought the house in 2007).

And in 2018, when I was going through my Wellness Leadership program, I also envisioned that I would be retiring from my massage portion of my business in 2020 and pivoting my practice. And then in 2020 COVID and basically brought my massage business to a halt. Of course, because of the type of person I am, I found safe ways to continue to work online and in person with doctor (chiro or DACM) referral notes and with fairly strict safety protocols.

However, throughout 2020 and because of all the COVID lockdowns, the surging COVID numbers and my strict COVID protocols, my business has suffered tremendously. So, I realized it was time to shift my practice as well.

Over the course of last year, I realized that as Holistic Health Empowerment Expert of 17 years and Holistic Fertility Empowerment Expert of 15 years, I can still support and empower my clients with Telemedicine Sessions, which would still include the following:

•Checking In - Therapeutic Conversation, including review of current holistic health care needs, update on healing journey, holding space for you to fully express yourself as I usually do

• Holistic Health Distance Healing - Reiki/Energy

• Guided Meditation/Breathing and Visualization

• Suggestions and demos for additional Holistic Self-Care techniques and Lifestyle changes for Optimum Health & Well-Being, based on holistic health history, current needs and assessment.

In 2019 I, created, developed, produced, filmed, edited and my online 12-week Gen-Touch Holistic Fertility Method™ Program, whilst having to clients go through the program. After they were done with the program, I developed a new website and uploaded the whole program Online. So, now I can support and empower women all over the world who are having fertility challenges to feel calm, confident and in control of their fertility journey. I, actually, had a client from Israel just purchase it a couple weeks ago. See here for continued sale for the Gen-Touch Holistic Fertility Method™ Online Program.

Additionally, I will be teaching more online classes and am in the process finalizing my teaching credential with Abdominal Therapy Collective, Inc (ATC). I was one of the original Educators who formed the ATC alongside of Dr. Rosita Arvigo and 20 other fabulous former Arvigo Educators and Board members. Recently, I stepped down from any shareholder responsibility as I knew I had too much on my plate with getting everything in order for my elderly Mother, keep my business afloat or somehow bring in money and now getting ready to sell my house.

With all this being said, please note that my lease for my 7484 University office is up on 2/28/21, so I will be seeing pre-screened for COVID clients there until then. And if there are still clients who would like to see me until my official in office close date of 4/15/21, I will keep you posted where I temporarily land.

I do want to tell you that this was a very hard decision to make. I had been wavering for the whole year and finally woke up and realized I was it was time.

It’s a new year, new administration, new way of living and there is definitely a new paradigm.

So, it’s time for me to make a change. I’m clear and excited.

Please know that this is not “good-bye”, but a reimagined “Hello in a New Paradigm!”

So, feel free to connect with me.

May your life be fully of love, holistic health and well-being!


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