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COVID 19 Industry Guidance

I am excited to be re-opening tomorrow!

And as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist, I get to follow the COVID 19 Industry Guidance for Extended Personal Care Services. This is to ensure the safety of both my clients and me.

Below is an excerpt from the COVID 19 Industry Guidance that pertains to my services specifically:

Additional Considerations for Massage Services (Non-Healthcare Settings)

• Ask clients to wash their hands before any services are provided.

• Workers must wear face coverings at all times and should consider wearing a face shield for eye protection (with a face covering), if available.

• Customers must wear face coverings during the entirety of the massage service.

• Consider alterations to the treatment table setup to support the required cleaning and disinfecting protocols. This could include using disposable face cradle covers and/or protecting the table, table warmers, bolsters, and other items with washable barriers like pillowcases that can be removed and replaced between each client. Barriers are not a substitution for the required cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

• Evaluate whether facial massages or other hands-on work to the face will be offered. If providing such services, use non-latex gloves for this part of the treatment. Facial massages should not be performed if it requires removal of the client’s face covering.

• Provide any hand treatments as the last part of the service.

• Workers should wash their hands immediately upon finishing massage services.

For full COVID 19 Industry Guidance for Extended Personal Care Services, please see my Documents page, here.

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