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Are you a nurturer? Do you always care for others first? Do you take time to nurture yourself? And if so, how do you nurture yourself?

Some people are born nurturers and some become nurturers.  They become Mothers, Fathers, Nurses, Doctors, Care-givers, Therapists, Hair Dressers, Chefs, Holistic Health Practitioners and other types of nurturing careers and roles.  In some way or form these people seem to gravitate to the nurturer role.

But after they have nurtured so many, who nurtures them? Some people are blessed with loving partners who nurture them in many ways, while others may not be as fortunate.  Some may even decline nurturing from others, preferring to give rather than receive. But how can a nurturer continue to care for others if they don’t allow themselves to be nurtured and to replenish?

Are you one of these types of nurturers who don’t allow yourself to be nurtured?  Do you need to learn or be reminded to nurture yourself? If so, then this Loveshop is just what you need!

In this 3 hour Loveshop you will learn positive and effective ways to nurture yourself in an integrative and holistic way.

Here are some of the important topics that will be discussed, demonstrated and experienced:

  • The Importance of Nurturing Yourself the Holistic Way

  • Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Nurturing and Self-Care

  • Guided Meditation with Music Medicine

  • Other Self-Nurturing Tools

At this Loveshop, not only will you learn tools for nurturing yourself, you will get a chance to relax, reconnect, and rejuvenate your spirit. 

You will also get the pleasure of a sacred space held by Genevieve Siegel, Holistic Health Practitioner, but in the end you will get the opportunity to go deep inside and connect with self through a guided journey of self-nurturing and self-awareness.

Please bring pillows, blankets for your own love nest.

Self-Love investment: $45

Space is limited!

When: TBA

Where: TBA

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