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Testimonials: Testimonials

“I came to Genevieve because I had heavy bleeding and possible endometriosis.  And after only 4 sessions and 2 cycles, emailed her the following...I'm excited to see you again soon. My last cycle was MARVELOUS!


“Good Morning, Genevieve.  I just want to thank you.  Last night I slept peacefully without any discomfort or pain.  I woke up this morning with zero pain and that has never happened.  My first 2 days are always the worst and I’ve never felt better in my whole existence.  Thank you for what you do. I am truly grateful.”


Hi Genevieve,

Thank  you for the powerful work last night, it was not easy but I feel different

in a good way!!

R. D.

Hi Genevieve,

To round out the list of benefits I'm experiencing from your lovely holistic health work, here's my thyroid story. With results totally unexpected and terrific!

Just before my first session with you, my doctor had found a large lump on my thyroid. Tests showed that it might be malignant. My doctor scheduled more tests. After I told you, you started quietly incorporating thyroid health into our weekly sessions.

My doctor suggested "watch and wait" for 6 months. Meanwhile, you focused gentle energy work on my thyroid and throat. You also guided me toward helpful foods and supplements, helpful colors (blue!), and helpful actions (singing, speaking my truth appropriately, using pressure points, toning, and more). After 6 months -- ta-daaa -- new tests showed that the lump was definitely NOT malignant! It was even a little smaller. I told my doctor about our holistic work, and he smiled, shook his head, and said, "Well, whatever you've been doing, keep it up."

I was so relieved then that I wanted to forget all about my thyroid. But you never forgot. You kept focusing healing energy on it and reminding me to care for it. And after 6 more months, another fantastic surprise -- the lump had shrunk by 50%! Even my doctor was amazed. "OK," he said, "You're home free. You're too healthy for me!"

So this is a note to thank you. And to be sure you know about the huge range of effects that your incredible work is having on one person's life.


Dear Genevieve,

Hope you already know this, but I just want to tell you that you gave my son a really wonderful experience. 

He came out dazzled. I could literally feel all this positive energy and joy crackling around him, so much that we both started laughing. And he was so high, it was hilarious:  "Omigod, look what color the ocean is! Look at that sky! Blue! Man, this is all so beautiful! I'm starving -- let's get some food!"  

"How was the massage?"
"She showed me a lot of ways to help my body... and the massage... oh, man -- sometimes I felt like yelling

'Wow!' and sometimes I felt like I was just pure breath.... When she focused on my knee, it was like radiating this amazing light. Like it really could heal. In my mind I started saying, 'Come on, knee, you can do it.' She's GOOD."

I'm super, super happy that he got the chance to receive this gift. "Thank you" doesn't seem big enough. But thank you.

<3 (huge heart)

S.N. and Son

Hello Womb Angel,

Hope you had a Christmas! I received my flow @ the monastery. Woke me up for 1.5 to 2 hours, no heating pad or advil and fell back to sleep, and thankfully it was Lazy day and we didn't have to wake early:) That is one of my easiest moons in a long ass time:) 

SO! All is so well. Getting back to my castor packs and will implement my self care. Will come to see you mid month again around my ovulation:)))

THANK you soooo much. 

LOVE and Happy New Year! 

H. F.

Hi Genevieve!

Just wanted to let you know that my cycle this month was the most agreeable one in my memory! I am so grateful for the gift of your assistance in my body returning to balance and vibrant health.

K. C.

My last two periods have been absolutely PAIN FREE! I kept waiting for the pain to come & it DID NOT!

I’m about to cry, because I am so happy [with my results].


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