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Holistic Health Therapy

Holistic Health Therapy helps to facilitate the health and well-being of my clients using a holistic or "whole being" approach.  This holistic approach includes therapies and modalities which facilitate the balancing, healing and integrating of our mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Thus, when clients come to me for physical issues, pain or pathology, I work to address not only the physical, but the mental, spiritual and emotional aspect of each individual.  As a result, my clients become more relaxed and balanced, their overall health and well-being is improved, and their pain and pathology subsides.

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Holistic Health Therapy: Service
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Mind-Body Medicine

The term Mind-Body medicine is more widely used these days.  Mind-body medicine focuses on the interactions among the brain, the rest of the body, the mind, and behavior. It also focuses on the ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, experiential, and behavioral factors can directly affect health.  Some call this Mind-Body medicine where others call it Holistic Health and Well-being.

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Holistic Health Therapy: Beliefs


There have been studies that show what goes on in your mind can have an effect on your body and emotions.  In other words, how we think can affect how we feel, both physically and emotionally. 

In other words, if we are thinking negative thoughts all day long, it’s bound to have an effect on our body and emotions.  For example, on a physiological level, if we are stressed with all these negative thoughts, then we may not breathe as deeply. And not breathing deeply can cause adverse physiological responses.  Your heart rate may increase, your brain may feel overwhelmed and foggy, and your digestion may not be optimal.  On an emotional level, you may feel more sad, irritable or angry because of all the negative thoughts.

To counteract these affects, one can learn to refocus those negative thoughts, and to breathe more deeply.  As it turns out, deep breathing is not only relaxing, it's been scientifically proven to positively affect the heart, the brain, digestion, and the immune system.  There are also many other holistic ways to change the way you think.

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Holistic Health Therapy: Beliefs
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Our bodies are made up of many amazing systems of flow, structures or bones, tissue and muscles, organs and ligaments, that all work together to function as an integrated system. And given the proper care, nutrition, movement and rest, our bodies can last a long time in good health.  However, many of us take for granted that our bodies will run optimally, even without the proper care; or we may tend to “abuse” our bodies.

Besides the lack of care, our bodies have cellular memory. According to Dr. Wilheim Reich, a psychiatrist from the 1930’s, our bodies can hold trapped emotions within it.  In other words, your issues are in your tissues.  Some ways to release these emotions are through certain types of physical exercise, or holistic healing, massage or visceral manipulation. 

So, if we treat our bodies as our temple or vehicle in life and lovingly care for it, we will live longer, healthier and happier.

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Holistic Health Therapy: Beliefs


Some believe that your spirit or your soul is at the core of your being. Others believe that we are all made out of energy and that energy, that chi, is the core of our being. And some believe that spirit is around us.

No matter what your personal belief is, we all have a spirit or energy that we get to tap into.  And in order to feel optimally and holistically healthy, we get to make sure that this source of energy is free-flowing and vibrant.

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Holistic Health Therapy: Beliefs
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As stated above, if emotions are not fully expressed, then sometimes stuck emotions can manifest into more chronic emotions such as severe depression or severe anxiety. Stuck emotions can also manifest into physical aches, pains and sickness.

So, allowing yourself to fully express all of your feelings in a safe space can be pertinent to one’s healing. And then letting go of those feelings is another key factor in transforming one’s life.

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Holistic Health Therapy: Beliefs

With all this being said, in order to feel optimally healthy overall, taking care of one’s mind, body, spirit and emotions through Holistic Health and Well-being is the best approach to help one to truly transform and heal.

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Holistic Health Therapy: Beliefs
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