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Yesterday, I received the following email:

CAMTC COVID-19 Bulletin #17 Dear CAMTC Certificate Holders: CAMTC has been closely monitoring and reaching out to the Governor and the Administration for updates on the Stay in Place Order and where massage fits into the phases of reopening. Today, May 28, 2020, CAMTC received a message from the California Director of the Department of Health Care Services stating the following: Although massage therapy has not been addressed specifically in State level announcements, the parallel with hair salons and barber shops that are providing one-on-one care for individuals seems appropriate. The precautions that were outlined regarding screening clients for illness, use of masks/face coverings by the massage therapist and client, staggering appointments so there is not contact between clients, etc. should be followed. Exceptions may be made by local health departments. The State administration is therefore allowing massage to take place in the State, but the State guidelines for hair salons MUST be followed. Those guidelines can be found here: Additionally, local county health and safety guidelines must also be followed, which means if your local county does not allow massage to occur, massage may still not be authorized to take place in your local jurisdiction. This is because while the State is generally allowing massage to occur, it has also acknowledged that cities and counties have the authority to impose stricter restrictions than the State. The health and safety of Certified Massage Therapists and their clients continues to be of the utmost importance to all of us. So while you MUST follow the health and safety guidelines provided by the State and your local jurisdiction, we also urge you to consider following even stricter protocols during this unprecedented time. For some suggestions of recommendations for additional massage specific requirements, please see these guidelines provided by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards: Guidelines for Practice with COVID-19 Considerations. Please note that these guidelines were created by FSMTB, not CAMTC, and you are not required to comply with them; they are merely provided here as an additional resource. Please remember that there are a lot of questions and unknowns related to COVID-19. By this message, CAMTC is not making any statements about whether it is or isn’t safe, risky, or appropriate for CAMTC Certificate Holders to provide massage at this time, or for clients to receive massage at this time. Be well, stay safe and remain informed. Jeff Forman, Ph.D. Ahmos Netanel CAMTC Board Chair CAMTC CEO


At this time I am not quite clear if I have the go ahead to re-open and I want to be mindful of this situation and for the good and safety of us all.

So after this weekend, I will reassess the situation and make a decision and will let my clients and potential clients know when I am planning on re-opening.

Stay safe and well and look forward to reconnecting with you!

Loving energy,


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