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Kick the Sweet Cravings or the Caffeine Habit

If you find yourself fighting these sweet cravings these days or needing to have more energy and want to kick your caffeine habit, you may want to try the 5 Sweet Veggie Drink.

The 5 Sweet Veggie Drink consists of 5 sweet veggies, preferably the kind that grows in or close to the ground. You can pick. Below are instructions for how to make the drink.

After you make your drink, it’s great to have it warm and drink it first thing in the morning, like you would coffee or tea. If you are trying to reduce your coffee or caffeine intake, please start off slow. Try drinking one cup of the 5 Sweet Veggie Drink for each cup of caffeinated beverage. Soon you will find yourself drinking less caffeine, having longer sustainable energy and you won’t have that crash after your high burst of energy. And if you do it this way, slowly, and substitute caffeinated energy with good sweet grounded energy, then you probably won’t go through the normal caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

This drink is good for softening tightness caused by heavy animal-based food consumption, and for relaxing the body and muscles. It is especially beneficial for softening the pancreas and helping to stabilize blood sugar levels. This drink can also help curb sweet cravings and gives you long sustainable energy in replacement of caffeine.

1. Use equal amounts of 5 organic sweet vegetables (carrots, cabbage, beets, cabbage and sweet winter squash), chopped. You can also substitute, parsnips, butternut squash for any of the above just so the total veggies is 5.

2. Heat four times the amount of water as veggies in a pot and allow to boil for two to three minutes. Reduce flame to low, cover and let simmer for 20 minutes.

3. Strain the vegetables from the broth. You can use them later in soups or stews.

4. Drink the broth either hot, warm, or at room temperature.

NOTE: – No seasoning is used in this recipe. – Sweet vegetable broth may be kept in the refrigerator but should be warmed again or allowed to return to room temperature before drinking.

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