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Hi! My name is Uta and I am Genevieve's Uterus....

Hello! My name is Uta and I am Genevieve’s uterus. I was a late bloomer and didn’t start my womanly cycle until I was 17 years old. I barely shed any blood and was not in any pain. I also didn’t cycle every month, which at the time was not of any concern (so I thought). At the time, Genevieve wasn’t sexually active, so worrying about pregnancy was not a factor and she was very athletic, so it seemed like a blessing not to have a menses or not much of one. Read more...

"Baby Whisper" ~ A lovely client's testimonial and fertility journey...

My fertility journey... (Long post, bear with me) Just sharing this to bring awareness and support to those that are going through this [fertility issues]. Never in my life would I have thought getting pregnant would be a challenge. But there I was... About five years ago I started the most frustrating journey. After about six months of trying [to get pregnant] with no success, I was referred to the fertility department where I started this lengthy diagnosis process where my infertility was "unexplained." I went through a couple rounds of intrauterine insemination with no success. I remember those days where I would go get blood drawn in the morning, go teach at BVHS, go back to the fertilit


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Come all the way back of the parking lot to a 2 story building and park underneath the structure.

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