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Big News Update...

It’s been almost a year since I got the news that Governor Newsom was ordering the CA state mandate to lockdown all non-essential businesses.

I didn’t work in person for 6 weeks straight. Fortunately, I was able to get some support from the PPP program and then EDD. I was also “distracted” with other important things as I mentioned in my last email.

I then discovered that medical massage was considered an essential job and with a doctor’s, chiropractor’s, or DACM’s referral and proper COVID protocols, I could still practice.

Because I have fairly strict COVID protocols and require my clients to have the same, my clientele was minimal. My role as an Arvigo® Teacher was temporarily halted, and even though I minimized my expenses, I still couldn’t make the rent. I am now an Abdominal Therapy Educator and will hopefully be teaching online workshops, soon.

Nevertheless, both my partner and I have been very diligent with our safety protocols both personally and professionally, and have had over 8 COVID tests, all negative. For more on COVID, see below.

In my last newsletter, I shared my big news of selling my house, closing the massage part of my Holistic Healing practice here in San Diego and moving into Telemedicine as well as teaching for the ATC, online. Please note, that I will be officially closing my office on 4/16/21.

Last year I realized, after losing 7 friends and family members, that life is too short, I am too far away from my mother, family is super important, I’m not getting any younger and sooner than later I want to co-create an Intentional Community that supports and is supported by an eco-friendly, sustainable property that has a personal growth center, similar to Esalen Institute in Big Sur.

With all this being said, I have limited time left here in San Diego and would love to support you in-person for the next few weeks. So, if you’d like to book one or two or three appointments with me there is still time. Feel free to contact me or put a request in via my booking system:

As far as an update on the sale of the house, the first weekend it was listed we had 42 showings, officially 16 offers (many over listing price) and quite a few well beyond my asking price. I managed to manifest not only the perfect heart-centered real estate agent for me, but the perfect heart-centered buyers for my house at the more-than-asked-for price! And then the powers that be helped me to manifest the appraisal that was in perfect alignment with the offer.

I am praying for a smooth escrow that will close on the agreed date of 4/9/21. Please note that I will be around for another week beyond that to close my office in La Mesa on 4/16/21.

I am feeling overwhelmingly filled with awe and gratitude!

And speaking of gratitude, in my next email I will express my absolute gratitude for all my clients, YOU, over the past 17 years here in San Diego for allowing me to facilitate your healing needs and co-creating magick together.


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