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A better life with a...

When you have a grateful attitude or express gratitude, your life can and will change for the better.

Gratitude –



  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

When I feel like I am overwhelmed with all the negativity around me, I allow myself “STOP, I DROP and ROLL.”

I will STOP myself, literally, and from whatever I am doing. And then either do some journaling about all those negative thoughts, feelings, sensations, do some EFT/tapping, call an objective friend, or find a safe space to do some bioenergetics movement/expression like groaning, growling, screaming while I throw my arms up over my head and do an axe chopping like motion or pounding a soft pillow.

I do one of these things, so that I can start DROPping or releasing all those negative thoughts, feelings, sensations.

Then, I am able to ROLL myself into a more grateful attitude or into gratitude.

And then I can start to think about ALL the things I am grateful for:

· My Mum and her love, her joyous light

· My Partner and his love and generous and caring heart, yumminess, listening to me vent and process, etc and trying not to solve it for me, for challenging me at times when I need it (and his fabulous cooking)

· My Dad, for all the things he did do like teach me how to climb a tree, fish, change my oil in my car

· My sister, when we were close, all the love and support and silly and fun moments, lessons learned

· My family aunts, uncles, cousins and their love and support and joy and laughter as well as the tears

· My friends and their support, memorable moments, heartfelt talks, laughter, tears, anger, joy, pain, sticking with me through it all

· My Dance community for allow me the safe space to just dance my schtuff out

· My colleagues who support me in our/my business endeavors and challenge me to be the “Rockstar” that I am meant to be in the world

· My clients who allow me to hold space for them so I can facilitate their healing needs, which is the work I LOVE to do

· I am relatively healthy,

· My family is relatively healthy

· I have a roof over my head, I have transportation and I have a snuggly outdoor cat

· I live in a place near the beach and ocean, the mountains, the desert

I can go on and on, but just wanted to remind myself that even though it may feel really bad at times, especially these days, living in the US, and being an empath, I can tend to forget that there is still plenty of people and things to be grateful for.

Please share below for the things that YOU are grateful for?


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