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How to make and do a castor oil pack

What you will need:

Castor Oil – Preferably Paraben Free

Cotton or Wool Flannel Cloth (Castor oil pack Kit)

Hot H2O Bottle (You can use an electric heating pad, but it would be better if you use a hot water bottle)

BPA and PVC Free Saran Wrap

2 Towels

At Sprouts or Wholefoods, you can purchase castor oil and wool flannel cloth. Or you can purchase cotton flannel cloth (much softer) at JoAnn’s Fabric Store. You can purchase a hot water bottle at CVS or Rite Aid.

Caution: Castor oil can stain, so wear old clothes and use old towels. Read Contraindications prior to doing a castor oil pack.

Directions for first time castor oil pack:

  • Heat water for Hot H2O bottle

  • Cut the cotton or wool flannel cloth to size of area you’re going to treat

  • Cut a piece of Saran wrap bigger than the wool flannel cloth

  • Put the cotton or wool flannel cloth on Saran wrap and liberally pour castor oil on it

  • The cloth does not need to be dripping, but nicely saturated

  • Pour hot water ( I usually boil water in a kettle) into hot water bottle

  • You can warm up the castor oil pack by placing the pack (saran wrap side down on the bottle) onto the hot water bottle for about 1-2 minutes before you place it on your abdominal area. WARNING: May be very HOT. Test heat of cloth before putting it on your skin.

  • You may want to put one towel underneath you in case the castor oil drips.

  • After testing the heat of the cloth, place the castor oil pack (CLOTH part down) on the area you want to treat. For menstrual or reproductive issues, place cloth right above pubic bone and below the belly button.