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New Offerings - Stress Reduction (Virtual) Relaxshop - Tuesdays (1:30pm PDT)

If you are feeling stress, fear and anxiety right now, please know that as an Empath, I completely feel you, the world.

And as facilitator and teacher of Holistic Health and Well-being, I empower my clients and students Holistic (Mental/Physical/Spiritual/Emotional) with self-care tips, tools, and techniques, so they feel more calm, confident and in control of their life’s journey.

So as part of this new realm that we are in, like many, I am taking my practice virtual and offering NEW SERVICES such as this STRESS REDUCTION RELAXSHOP on holistic Tips, Tools, and Techniques Tuesday.

In this STRESS REDUCTION RELAXSHOP class, you will learn:

At least 3 holistic (mind/body/spirit/emotions) self-care tips, tools, and techniques on how to let go of some of the stress, fear and anxiety you may be feeling right now.

Who is this Relaxshop for: Anyone who is feeling stressed about our Global situations, who wants to do things differently, shift how they feel and think and is OPEN-minded.

When: Tuesdays (4/7 and beyond) at 1:30pm.

Where: Zoom

What to “bring”: A piece of paper, pen/pencil and scarf or towel.

And I because I, too, want to do things differently and contribute the Global Change that is needed right now, so rather than charging a set-fee, I am asking for donations.

To Donate and get zoom link To JOIN the RELAXSHOP (Zoom meeting) @ 1:30pm (PST), click here: Donate.

Please note: And truly, if you cannot afford to pay anything right now, it’s okay. We are all in this together! And I ask that you just Pay It Forward!And if you donate to me, I appreciate it immensely. Please know that a 10 % will go to a Charity of YOUR Choosing. Also, please note, because there may be various charities that people will be choosing, I will donate 10% of accumulated amounts over $5 to the top 3 charities chosen.

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