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Hot Holistic Summer - Mind

The sun is shining, our mulberries are about done dropping, the beaches are calling us and it’s gotten much a warmer here in San Diego.

Can you believe that summer is almost here?

What does this new season mean for us in a holistic sense?

First of all, holistic or wholistic pertains to the whole being. As most of you know, I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and I approach a client’s health and well-being holistically. I facilitate his or her healing needs mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. For instance if a client comes in with certain symptoms, I will address not just the physical, but try to get to the core of why she or he may be experiencing these systems. I attend to how the person thinks (mind), their physical symptoms (body), how their energy feels (spirit), and how they are feeling (emotions).

All in all, I am practicing what I preach and living my life holistically and would like to share this with you.

So, how does the season of summer affect each of us in a holistic sense, and how can we approach this season in the most harmonious way?


When we think of summer we think of summer time fun, quick getaways to the nearest beach or an amusement park or plan for a luxurious vacation to a tropical island. Some of us even plan to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to a place some of us call home in the middle of dry lake bed. And some of us are getting into the STAYcations to save a little bit of cash.

Nonetheless, in the winter we dreamt, rested and rejuvenated. In the spring we have been planning for new adventures and projects. And in the summertime we will be all about ACTION. There is so much to do, especially living in a Paradise such as San Diego. There are rocking concerts in the park, somewhat smooth waterskiing in the bay, fun-filled beach frolicking, mouth-watering backyard barbeques, crazy swim parties, exquisite meals at outdoor restaurants, new and interesting movies on the big screen at Balboa Park, history filled museums, the world famous San Diego Zoo, and exhilarating Wild Animal Park and much much more.

Not only is the summertime associated with action, but according to the Five Elements Theory, is related to FIRE, passion and feeling inspired. All those well laid plans from the springtime are now going to be ignited into action. So hang on to your shoes, because it’s time to rock & roll!

It’s great to be filled with passion and fire and it is fun to DO a lot of things. However, when it comes to your mind, you may feel like it is hard to concentrate, because your mind is on FIRE. There is so much to do, so much to see, and with so many people to connect.

You “should” be focusing on work and the glorious beach or serene forest is calling your name. You are on the computer hammering out a big project and…OOOHH SHINY OBJECT! You get side-tracked. The key here is to stay focused to get the much needed tasks done and then, you can go play! So take a big deep breath in and just know that you spring time planning will now pay off. AFTER you have put in a good hard day or week of work, you can go PLAY. Remember that the days are longer so we can do more things! Or you can take quick breaks and remind yourself to go back in and get’er done!

So, if just knowing these things and breathing more deeply is not enough then try massaging your feet, especially the tips of your toes. According to reflexology your brain is represented in the tips of your toes. So, massage away and feel more focused and relaxed!

Stay tuned for more... Hot Holistic Summer - Body....

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