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21 Day SELF LOVE Challenge

So back in 2013, I decided to claim February as Self Love Month. Why you ask? Not just because it’s the month that contains the Love Holiday of Valentine’s Day, but because it’s MY birthday month. Yes, you heard me, birthday MONTH.

The reason why it’s my birthday month is because I remember years ago a beautiful girlfriend of mine told me that she celebrated her birthday 11 days before, on the day, and 11 days after!

I absolutely loved that idea, because I truly love celebrating my birthday! And because my birthday is on February 14th (Yes, I am Valentine’s Baby), I get to celebrate my birthday 14 days before, on the day and 14 days after my birthday.

Technically, 29 nine days, but we’ll just call the 28 days of February MY birthday month.

And as I mentioned before, because it’s my birthday month, I have designated it SELF LOVE MONTH.

So, this morning as I was doing my Self Love, Arvigo Self Care massage, I had this lovely idea that I’d like to share this SELF LOVE MONTH with others, as a SELF LOVE Challenge.

This will be a 21 day SELF LOVE Challenge, so you can all learn better SELF LOVE habits and gain more Self Confidence and Self-Empowerment.

So if you find yourself to be self-critical, or being a people pleaser or envious of others AND you realize that this is just not who you really are and strongly want to change that way of being, but you are just not sure how to go about changing that. Or you love yourself, put seem to keep putting everyone else's needs first?

Then, I invite you to join me in this 21 day SELF LOVE CHALLENGE!


On February 8, 2019, I will be launching this 21 day SELF LOVE CHALLENGE. I will form a Facebook group and invite all of you to join it or if you are not on Facebook I can send you daily emails with the items I post. Daily, I will post homeplay challenges to create more self love, self confidence and self empowerment.

1) To pay Attention to critical thoughts/negative self talk, self-sabotaging behaviors/habits, how you breathe, eat, drink as well as celebrating your wins, your positive qualities, and good habits you already have for self love with the Holistic Awareness Method™.

2) Tools for Alleviation of the critical thoughts/negative self talk, self-sabotaging behaviors/habits, or a baditude with the Holistic Cleanse Method™.

3) Activation methods to re-ignite your passion, power and purpose with the Holistic Activation Method™.

So, if you’d like to join me in this 21 Day SELF LOVE Challenge, then sign-up below:

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