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Why has my computer gone awry?

Has your computer gone awry?

Have you already sensed or experienced a shift in your communication, lately?

Or have you had some misunderstandings at work or at home? Or projects are just not going as planned?

For me, my clients have started rescheduling their appointments like crazy and it can be very unsettling.

Why is this happening?

I have learned that this could be happening because of an astrological phenomenon called, “Mercury in Retrograde.”

And right now, we are feeling the Pre-shadow intensity of Mercury in Retrograde. Those of us who are sensitive can feel the intensity of this phenomenon before Mercury goes in Retrograde. The official date of the Mercury in Retrograde is November 17th!

Nonetheless, I know some people may think it’s a little weird, and to that I say, “Weird is just thinking outside the box.” So, on that note, please read on with an open mind….

So, what exactly is Mercury in Retrograde?

Three to four times a year and for about 3 weeks each time, the planet Mercury slows down in its orbit and appears to move backward in relation to the Earth. But Mercury retrograde is really an optical illusion, since no planet actually moves backward.

According to NASA, in normal motion, the stars and planets move in our night's sky in a west-to-east direction. This is called prograde motion.

Retrograde of any planet happens periodically, when the motion is temporarily switched to an east-to-west direction, before turning back to regular prograde motion. For more details, please read this article here.

So what does that mean for us here on Earth?

Well, as mentioned above, it could mean t