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Come join me at my New Sacred Space Celebration next Saturday, April 13th!

I am inviting all my lovely friends, family, clients, colleagues, teachers to my New Sacred Space Celebration. As some of you know, after 15 years of being a Holistic Health Practitioner, I finally decided to open up a space of my own. So, in February of this year, I finally took the plunge and DID open my new sacred space in La Mesa. So, I want to take this time to celebrate my next phase of my Holistic Health Practice in my new space and to show my appreciation to all those who have contributed to my lovely journey…YOU as my friends, family, clients, colleagues, and teachers. Please come join me to celebrate and share more fabulous juju in my new sacred space! Please note that there will light, healthy and yummy snacks and beverages. Please RVSP so that I have an idea for food and beverages.

Schedule of Magickal Events

3:33 PM - 4:32 PM - Hugo Anguiano and Manu Conti - Opening with a Sacred Tea Ceremony

4:41 PM - 5:13 PM - Bo Nielsen and Nicole Treadaway of Tune to Harmony - Magickal Tunes to continue open The Magickal Portal

5:31 PM - 6:03 PM - Genevieve Siegel - Meditative Toning

6:12 PM - 6:30PM - Simon F. Smith - Mystical Sounds of Simon and his Didgeridoo

6:30PM- 8:01PM - Other Spontaneous and Magickal Things

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